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About us

Sleepletics® is an online retailer that creates innovative bedding products, made with Celliant® technology, that are designed to help you sleep better, increase comfort and promote general health and wellness. The Celliant® mineral-infused fabric captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, which can increase blood flow to your muscles, improve local circulation and deliver more oxygen to your cells in a safe and natural way, for a healthier, more restful and restorative sleep.

Celliant is the industry’s most established and clinically tested infrared textile technology. Over the past 16+ years, Celliant has been evaluated in ten clinical trials conducted by the University of California Irvine, the University of Calgary and other prominent institutions. In June 2017, the FDA determined that Celliant products are medical devices and general wellness products.

You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits of Celliant Performance Sheets - everyone could use a better night’s sleep, but they are ideal for those with an active lifestyle as they can help the body recover faster from physical activity, which is essential for boosting energy, improving strength and enhancing athletic performance. Celliant Performance Sheets can even help regulate body temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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